Keto Pizza! It. Is. Great!

Keto Pizza-easy and good!


  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 2 8 oz blocks of mozzarella cheese
  • 1 8 oz can tomato sauce
  • Pepperoni, mushrooms and/or whatever toppings you love on your pizza


Set oven at 425 degrees F.

Shred each of the 2 blocks of mozzarella cheese, keeping each in a separate bowl.

Brown the 1 lb of ground beef. Mix 8 oz of the cheese with the ground beef.

Spread the ground beef-cheese mixture over the bottom of a cake pan or pie pan. 5″x5″ or a similar size.

Pour the 8 oz can of tomato sauce over the ground beef and cheese mixture. Spread the tomato sauce evenly over the top.

Place your favorite pizza toppings. We love lots of pepperoni, and mushrooms.

Then spread the other bowl of shredded mozzarella cheese over the top.

Place in 425 degree F oven for 20 minutes.

Take out. Let sit 5 minutes. Cut into serving sizes. Makes 4 large servings.


Macro nutrition in each serving:

Calories 488, Carbohydrates 6 gm, Fat 34 gm, Protein 38 gm


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