There was no statistically significant relationship between dietary interventions and heart deaths.

The low fat diet has been recommended to us by medical science, our US government and the American Heart Association as well as other health organizations.

The Research Committee15 concluded “A low-fat diet has no place in the treatment of myocardial infarction”

“…survival was significantly better in the control than the diet group.”

There has never been any proof their recommended dietary guidelines would ease disease of any kind or stop coronary artery disease.

From the literature available, it is clear that at the time dietary advice was introduced, 2467 men had been observed in RCTs. No women had been studied; no primary prevention study had been undertaken; no RCT had tested the dietary fat recommendations; no RCT concluded that dietary guidelines should be introduced. It seems incomprehensible that dietary advice was introduced for 220 million Americans28 and 56 million UK citizens,29 given the contrary results from a small number of unhealthy men.
An exchange between Dr Robert Olson of St Louis University and Senator George McGovern, chair of the Dietary Committee, was recorded in July 1977.30 Olson said “I pleaded in my report and will plead again orally here for more research on the problem before we make announcements to the American public.” McGovern replied “Senators don’t have the luxury that the research scientist does of waiting until every last shred of evidence is in”.
There was best practice, randomised controlled trial, evidence available to the dietary committees, which was not considered and should have been. The results of the present meta-analysis support the hypothesis that the available RCTs did not support the introduction of dietary fat recommendations in order to reduce CHD risk or related mortality.
Two recent publications have questioned the alleged relationship between saturated fat and CHD and called for dietary guidelines to be reconsidered.31 ,32
The present review concludes that dietary advice not merely needs review; it should not have been introduced.

Read the above study at the link provided.

We have been lied to and used as a massive research study without our consent.

Please read ‘Doc’s Opinion’:



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