Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet: Book Review


book-cover-medI have been on a bit of a “blog-iday”, taking a break from all things cancer while I focus on other pursuits and await the results of my early April MRI. I am pleased to be able to report that I received a “stable” result, which means no change in the tumour. That’s two full years since my first diagnostic scan, with no change in the watchful waiting approach, because there’s been no change in the tumour. I have not had any medical treatment, no chemo or radiation, during that time. Not because I was against it, but because my team of doctors more or less agreed that these interventions should be reserved in a future arsenal, and if this tumour remains well-behaved with slow growth and doesn’t display any aggressive conversion or invasive characteristics, we can all happily co-exist.

The only treatment I’ve employed is a dietary overhaul, going…

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