Divalicious Reviews

This is made from a herb and is probably as natural a sweetner as you can get. It is however, very, concentrated and you only need to use a very small amount of it. For example, an amount the size of a sesame seed is equivalent to a teaspoon of sugar. It is puzzling or even frustrating, why Stevia, should have faced so many restrictions over the years in both America and Europe. Stevia has been used in South America for centuries and even in countries such as Japan. For those of you who want to cut sugar from your diet, using an all-natural, no calories sweetener, Stevia could well be for you. Stevia is a natural sweetener, 30-100 times sweeter than sugar. The part used is the leaf. There is no after-taste and it is both safe and non-toxic according to Japanese research. Stevia also inhibits the growth of…

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