Our latest milestones

We just received reports from hubby’s 12 month lab tests. I must say we are elated!

First, let me tell you that between the 2 of us we have lost 70 pounds. He: 45 pounds and I: 25 pounds. (He had more to lose.)

The first set of labs (cholesterol panel, chemistries) were not as much better as I had expected last March. Then upon reviewing what we were doing, we found hubby was using a prescription corticosteroid cream on a psoriasis/eczema skin condition that he has had for about 50 years. He stopped using it in the spring and throughout the summer, it had lessened without the medicated cream.

So now, he had his follow-up labs done without the corticosteroid in his blood. This drug is a poison! We’ll do anything to keep him from using it. It will increase blood pressure and triglycerides.

His most recent labs were:
DATE                                                              MAY, 2014                                             NOVEMBER, 2014

TOTAL CHOLESTEROL                                  271                                                            260

HDL                                                                  40                                                                57

LDL                                                                 200.6                                                          181

TRIGLYCERIDES                                             152                                                             111

CHOLESTEROL/HDL RATIO                           6.8                                                             4.6

TRIGLYCERIDE/HDL RATIO                            3.8                                                            1.95

CRP                                                                      8                                                                0.5

HG A1C                                                                                                                                  5.7

VITAMIN D                                                                                                                            72


We are so pleased with the results! Except for one. HgA1C. This provides the state of the blood sugar for the past 3 months. His is borderline. Although he had decreased his morning blood sugars to the 80’s since last November, during the summer, he HAD to have buns for his hot dogs and hamburgers and cake at the kids’ birthday parties. This all happened in August, September and October. Now he knows. No buns/bread and cut the cake.

Starting from the top, total cholesterol should be no higher than 200. His was 271 in May and 260 in November-a decrease. I understand that when you are losing weight, the cholesterol is higher in your blood and he is still losing. Additionally, the high total cholesterol really doesn’t mean anything. Importance falls on the HDL number, the good cholesterol and its relationship to triglycerides.

Next up, HDL. In May it was 40, one of the highest numbers ever and in November it was 57!!!! This is fantastic for him. Huge improvement in his good cholesterol.

Third is the LDL, the ‘bad’ cholesterol. Again, in May it was 200.6 and November it was 181. Definitely coming down. And without any statins.

Fourth, probably one of the most important numbers: triglycerides. May’s was 152. (He has had as high as 1200!) November was 111! True improvement!

Fifth, the cholesterol/HDL ratio. Most medical doctors see this as a risk ratio. Average male is 4.97. His was 6.8 in May and now, in November it is 4.6! Another improvement.

Sixth, the all important triglyceride/HDL ratio. This is becoming the most important determinant of heart disease. 4 is too high, above 6 is much too high. Below 2 is ideal. In May he was 3.8-not bad. In November he was 1.95! Fantastic!!

Seventh was C-Reactive Protein or CRP. This reveals the amount of inflammation in the body and therefore, the risk of heart disease. Less than 1.0 is low risk. Over 1.0 is average risk. High risk is over 3.0. Before November he was 8. Now, he is 0.5!!!!

Eighth, his HgA1C which I have already discussed above. He knows he has work to do there. I have found a great bread recipe that is low carb and he loves it. I think he has this one licked.

Ninth, Vitamin D. This vitamin is really a hormone. It is catalyst to many actions in our bodies, such as making testosterone. We try for around 80. His is 72. We increased the Vitamin D by 2000. Less sun out now so his body makes less of it.

There you have it!

He feels better than he has in 40 years! And he is 68!

Life is good!

God is good!



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