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Your doctor’s education on nutrition.

Remember back when I observed that my dog’s veterinarian always first asks how my dogs are eating and what they’re eating?

And when has your doctor ever asked you about your eating? I’d guess, never.

Here’s a one minute explanation about the amount of nutrition education a medical doctor receives…


Ketogenic or high fat diet cures an infant with epilepsy

Just in❗8 Month Update on our Keto Life Style❗

The last update on the health and weight of hubby was January 20-click here.


We’ve been pretty busy since summer started and time has gotten away from me! Hubby retired the beginning of May and time has just flown. But our health and weights have improved…a lot!

This post will be about hubby.

 He was very overweight to start and just couldn’t believe he could lose the weight without agony:   going hungry, missing his favorite foods, counting calories. Well, he was motivated by getting his blood sugar down for his eye surgery last November to prevent eye infection. Agreeing to try this life style, he found he was never hungry after the first few days and the weight just fell off his body!

Hubby tells everyone:

“I’m never hungry!

“I really don’t miss my old favorite foods!”

“When we ate more carbs (holidays: July 4) my old favorites didn’t taste so good!”

In addition, he had been on medication for cholesterol, hypertension, severe heart burn, constant allergies (upper respiratory), and enlarged prostate. Let me tell you the good news first… WAIT❗It’s ALL GOOD NEWS❗❗

He started discontinuing his medications in January. As of two months ago he is totally off each of these drugs and we’ve found that many of the symptoms he had been treated for were effects of his high carbohydrate eating and/or side effects of the prescription medications he had taken for many years.

The cholesterol medication was causing horrible fatigue. He would work for 20 minutes and would then nap for a couple of hours. It was horrible.


We asked his cardiologist to try to find out what was causing this.After many visits to specialists and much testing turned up nothing, we thought he was just older than his age, physically. It was depressing for him. He also had a low threshold for anger, for years. And his stress was always very high no matter what we did. After he stopped the statin in January, he works all day without any nap. Energy is through the roof. He’s happy❗No more depression and the stress is gone❗He’s a nicer person. 

Then suddenly he got tired again. In the middle of the day he felt exhausted.


I thought about it for a few minutes and checked his blood pressure: 90/40. It was too low. Wanted to titrate his hypertension medication down but after a second day of low blood pressure we just stopped it. (It was not a drug that needed titrated down before discontinuing.) His pressure has been normal since.

I suggested he stop his heartburn medicine and his allergy mediation when I read that the statin and antihypertensive could cause stuffy nose and sneezing and heartburn. I also knew that a high sugar intake caused heartburn and reflux and he had been totally off sugar for at least 3 months. He quit both, the heartburn and allergy medications. Surprise❗The stuffy nose, sneezing and heartburn did not return. Then, due to some side effects of the medication for the enlarged prostate, he quit that. He hasn’t had any problems in that department now either. He is drug free❗

Saving the best til last…

He has lost 41 pounds❗❗❗❗He is almost down to his post-Basic Training weight when he was in the Air Force. I remember when I went to pick him up at the airport after basic, I walked right past him-didn’t know him.

His weight this morning was 176.4 pounds. (Last summer he had reached 218 pounds. And when i had posted his weight chart in January, he had gotten his weight down to 197 pounds.)

I’ll add his weight chart here  when I get it made. 

I am so proud of him


We’re going to have to get him some new clothes❗His pants are falling down❗

Did I mention that his cardiologist wanted a copy of Grain Brain? He received it last Wednesday… bth_success-1