Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

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Does Ketosis Beat Cancer?

Does Ketosis Beat Cancer?

It isn’t always successful, but as the newest research is showing, ketosis can be beneficial for many cancer cases. And as an added benefit, using ketogenic diets in cancer treatments doesn’t kill the patient.
An article titled “Can A High Fat Diet Beat Cancer?” published in Time Magazine explores the concept.

In the Times Magazine article, the author gives information about the results of the research, writing:

“The good news is that for five patients who were able to endure three months of carb-free eating, the results were positive: the patients stayed alive, their physical condition stabilized or improved and their tumors slowed or stopped growing, or shrunk.”

And in this paper titled “Targeting energy metabolism in brain cancer with calorically restricted ketogenic diets” the authors conclude:

“The CRKD (calorie restricted ketogenic diet) is effective in managing brain tumor growth in animal models and in patients, and appears to act through antiangiogenic, anti-inflammatory, and proapoptotic mechanisms.”

Translation: Calorie restricted ketogenic diets were effective in stopping the growth of brain tumor in both animals and humans, and they seem to work by stopping the tumor from creating new arteries for supplying itself with blood, reducing inflammation, and restoring the normal cell death mechanisms. (Cancer cells are known to have the ability to avoid the normal mechanisms by which damaged cells die).

Just recently, an article in the Treatment Strategies in Oncology discussed using a Restricted Ketogenic Diet (R-KD) to successfully treat brain cancers. Dr Robert Su mentions and links to the article from this post.

And in this paper, Dr. Eugene Fine of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine hypothesizes that ketone bodies stop cancers by changing the availability of energy processes in cancer cells. His team is in the process of testing cancer treatments using ketosis to stop the progression of certain types of cancer. The team is working with cancer patients in the RECHARGE Study.

The diet guidelines used in this study are here.

A preliminary paper from Dr. Fine’s team was just published and the summary of results states

“Preliminary data demonstrate that an insulin-inhibiting diet is safe and feasible in selected patients with advanced cancer. The extent of ketosis, but not calorie deficit or weight loss, correlated with stable disease or partial remission.”


There has not been a large amount of research on ketogenic diet and cancer. The diet has been effective in controlling epilepsy in children and has become an accepted treatment.

Why hasn’t there been much research? There’s not much information on that except a little common sense. The mega drug companies could lose money on diet success. Cancer drugs are huge revenue makers. 

So, peruse the links to the real studies and research on the ketogenic diet. There’s much out there on ‘how to’. And don’t let the research scare you. The diet is really pretty easy to stay on. We’ve been on it for almost 6 months and it’s a great diet. It’s food we love and we don’t get hungry much between meals.

I’ve also included recipes in this blog for this diet. The chronometer I linked to in a previous blog post helps to keep track of the amount of fat, protein and carbs you eat, as well as show you where you are lacking in minerals and vitamins. We keep those up by using supplements.

This is our new life style. We do have sweets on holidays and birthdays but the desire for them has really decreased. And the sweets taste a little too sweet now. We are converts!



4 thoughts on “Ketogenic Diet and Cancer

    1. tannngl Post author

      Me too. I’m beginning to think we in healthcare have missed an important part of the puzzle. food

      God created us such wonderful magnicifient living things! The systems in our bodies, the very code, millions of bytes of code written in our DNA, in each gene is beyond amazing. It’s only with computers we’ve been able to figure this out. Too complex for our brains alone to figure out! Psalms 139:14

      And our body’s cells can live on blood sugar.
      But our cells can also live only protien and fat. Lots and lots of fat. No sugar.

      And cancer cells have a defect: they cannot live on a little protien and fat! They cannot process and use fat to live!!!! They must have blood sugar!

      When’s the last time a doctor asked you what you’ve been eating? My vet asks me that for each of my animals: horses, dogs and cat. That’s the first thing they ask.
      Why don’t medical doctors?

      Ok, I’ll stop.



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