Recipe: Hamburgers without the bun!


Looks good, huh?
Well, it’s delish!

We had these Sunday night. Hamburgers with melted cheeses and topped with salsa placed on a bed of fresh spinach. We each had 2 and were stuffed! Very good and very healthy.

Here’s how:

Cheeseburgers Without The Bun

Ingredients: Butter, Hamburgers, Cheddar Cheese, Cream Cheese, Salsa, Spices, Spinach.


1. Put butter in pan, turn up the heat. (I used a tablespoon).
2. Add burgers and spices.(Spices for us are garlic, salt, pepper).
3. Flip until close to being ready.
4. Add a few slices of cheddar and some cream cheese on top.
5. Turn down the heat and put a lid on the pan until the cheese melts.
6. Serve on top of a couple of cups of spinach on a platter. I like to pour some of the fat from the pan on top of the spinach.
7. To make the burgers even more juicy, add some salsa on top.


The fat feeds your brain and helps stop inflammation in all cells.

The meat helps build body cells and molecules.

The cheese provides more fat and protein as well as calcium and other vitamins, minerals.

The spinach provides vitamins and minerals.

Carbohydrates: 2.2 grams. We try to keep our carbs under 40 gms/day.


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