A Most Important ‘WhoDunit’

Do you like mysteries? I love them. I loved reading English murder mysteries for a time. But what I love best is investigation of medical diagnosis and cause of disease as well as new facts about the physiology of our bodies! I could read for hours! (Actually, I do!)

Years ago (I was still working in a hospital) my second cousin, who had married and was living in Maryland, called me at 6AM. I was surprised because we are friends with her parents but as a farther removed family generation, we rarely see them unless for a death or wedding.

She was tearful. Her husband was losing feeling in his feet and it seemed to be progressing up his legs. He was unable to move his feet. They had gone to doctors but no one could tell them what the problem was. I remembered one patient I had cared for in our ICU who had the same symptoms. I asked if her husband had had a viral infection recently and she said yes. I told her to get him to an emergency room right away. It sounded like he had Guillain-Barré Syndrome which would keep moving up his body with total paralysis and cessation of the ability to breath. Treatment is maintaining the body functions (respirator, IV fluids, movement, communication) until the ‘storm’ is over for the paralysis always, almost always, disappears leaving the person fully functional or perhaps with slight leftover paralysis.

He wouldn’t go by ambulance so she got him into the car. They spent 12 hours in the ER and the docs could not figure out the diagnosis. Finally, after many calls to specialists and testing, the doctor told my cousin they thought he had Guillain-Barré Syndrome. She said, funny, that’s what my cousin said.

So, medical science, diagnostics have a lot to do with the ability to investigate as in a murder, objectively and skillfully, just who the perpetrator is. And it helps to have had some prior knowledge about the condition. (By the way, after spending many days in the ICU on a respirator, my cousin’s husband was back to normal except for a slight movement problem in one of his joints. He’s healthy and happy!)

With heart disease, we may have been duped. The money flowing into the drug companies selling statins, the labs providing cholesterol tests, the food industry (especially!) making low-fat foods, all have reason to keep fat as the murderer.

Watch this YouTube and see what you think. After reading several books on this, I have become convinced. Fat is not our murderer. Sugar and other things causing inflammation is.

It’s about 28 minutes but very worth your time.




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