Husband’s progress indicator: Weight

November 18, 2013 was the date he decided to go full health! 

He cut all sugar and gluten , eating all fats, proteins and only the most complex of carbohydrates. (Although, on holidays and birthdays we both allow ourselves sweets!)

He has lost 20 pounds since the summer, which I haven’t placed on the graph. This graph begins in October 2013.


If you click on the graph, you can see that he leveled off right after Thanksgiving, and again around Christmas. After the holidays he has gone full-bore once again and is solidly below 200 pounds.

His goal i 185 pounds, one that he has always thought was too thin!

He is doing so well. And he tells everyone he is never hungry! That’s why he can do this.

cat7_e0Let’s hear it for him!!!!



One thought on “Husband’s progress indicator: Weight

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