Learn to be your own investigator for medication

One of the things we are taking a look at in our health are prescriptions and supplements.


Doctors are usually too busy to tell you about side effects of what they are prescribing. Additionally, sometimes there are better ways or at least other ways to treat what you are enduring without all the risk of taking medications that always have a bad side.

So when your doctor writes you a script for a medication to treat your medical problem, ask him if there is any other way to treat this. Also, do some of your own studies on your disease. View only top medical universities. (Stay away from studies and information by drug companies.) Then, if there is no other way to treat, do the research:  Look up all of the side effects, dosage requirements, any other drugs or food that interact with the drug and what to do if you miss a dose. After you get that information, go to the FDA website to look for any reported problems with that drug. They are called adverse events. Just enter your drug in the search box and read the warnings put out to the drug companies from the FDA. Sometimes you will find that the FDA has required the drug company to back off on some of their advertisements about their product. Sometimes they lie a little…


It can be tedious but it just might be worthwhile in being alert to some interesting, maybe life saving information about your prescription.


Additionally, we have started a few supplements in addition to our multivitamins. Have you heard of the study recently that said “Vitamins do not work”? The results of that study were inappropriately reported. Read what this doctor has to say about vitamins and this study:


You can rely on your doctor and pharmacist to a great degree. But again, it is your body and these people are your consultants. The decision on all of these things is YOURS, with their advice.

After reading all of this information on husband’s prescriptions, he is now off of 3 of them. Still working on the anti-hypertension drug. Blood pressure has been down but not as far as it should be on the medication. But soon!!!

BTW, husband is still slowly losing weight! And he’s not so sleepy in the evening!


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