2 Big points on our health: Exercise saves your brain; Alzheimer’s victims have high blood sugar

I know I need to make shorter, clearer points.

I shall try.

Point 1:  Exercise saves your brain


In the July 25 print edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine were 2 studies showing staying physically active keeps the brain from disease and all that entails, like forgetfulness…

2800 women over 65 WITH heart disease or history of stroke were studied.

Finding:  The equivalent of a brisk walk 30 minutes a day in these ill women very much slowed the brain decline (thinking, memory). Those with the activities had brains 5-7 years younger than their counterparts without the activities.

A second study looked at the energy expended over a 2 week period by adults over 70. Those who expended the most energy had a 90% less risk of mental decline. 90%! And it suggested that everyday activity like standing up and walking, not just ‘exercising’ may be a big part of the key. Bad news if you sit at your desk a lot!

Point 2:  Your food influences whether your brain becomes diseased or not


David Perlmutter, MD:

Blood sugar elevation damages the brain by increasing inflammation, which is connected to all brain degenerative diseases including Parkinson’s, MS, and Alzheimer’s. “The bottom line is that inflammation must be avoided at all costs…

The doctor recommends these 5 steps to keeping your brain healthy:

1. Cut the carbs (less than 80 gm/day)

2. Know the glycemic index – the glycemic index,  tells you which foods spike your blood sugar the fastest.

3. Eat more fat-Increasing your consumption of fat while reducing carbs and sugar provides a healing environment for your brain…

4. Nix gluten-this protein, found in foods made from wheat, rye and barley, may increase inflammation in as many as 40 percent of humans, perhaps many more…

5. Get fit-but research now proves as little as 20 minutes of exercise is associated with the growth of new brain cells in the brain’s memory center and improvement in memory.

So, walk 30 minutes a day and stop eating all simple sugars. (Maybe a little treat on holidays.)

Your brain will work as well as mine!




4 thoughts on “2 Big points on our health: Exercise saves your brain; Alzheimer’s victims have high blood sugar

  1. peppermintfarm

    I guess that woman (which is you) is surely a genius and looks great too.
    I’m glad I get a lot of exercise around here. It’s almost impossible not to with all the stuff to be done.
    My brother asked me if I ever walk. I was shocked. I said of course I do, I have a dog. We were roaming around the farm and there was a gate up that I couldn’t get open. So I told them (my brother and sister in law) we could just climb over the fence. They looked at me as if I had two heads and said no way. I climb them all the time and thought it was nothing, a common routine thing to do. LOL!


    1. tannngl Post author

      Hahahaha, Pepper! I look almost that good! hehehehe
      I wish.

      But like you, I scale a 5 foot fence every day, well 4 times a day when I feed the horses. I built a riding ring that I use to feed the alpha mare and must close the gate or the grey mare doesn’t get much to eat. So when the grey is done eating I go out and open the gate. I could go around the ring but I’m too lazy and just climb over the fence. hehe It’s good for leg and arm muscles. The only time I do go around is when the fence is covered with ice, then I do go around. Too dangerous to climb that thing on ice.

      Stay active, sister!! And stay beautiufl and intelligent! 😎



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