A Tip from tannngl: Turmeric, a great spice!

Turmeric is a spice that has been used for medicine for thousands of years.

Today we find it is anti-inflammatory, ant-bacterial, anti-viral. It’s been used for the pain of arthritis and for depression. It has effects on brain disease where inflammation is the cause, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.


There’s a good overview at this government site:


Dr. Perlmutter breaks down the technical speak about turmeric here:



This is a spice that you should explore. A pinch in your food once a day will give you benefits. There are capsules of it as well. It actually is as effective as ibuprofen in relieving pain since it is anti-inflammatory.

Do some research on your own. I’ve never been a proponent of ‘natural’ cures. But there are some things worth looking at.

We’ve learned that all disease starts at the cellular level with inflammation. That includes aging. We’ve found that ibuprofen seems to decrease risk of colon cancer. inflammation.

inflammation is important to our bodies as the immune system front line against infection. However inflammation also occurs when oxidation of our cells occurs. It makes LDL and HDL weapons against us in heart disease. It makes our brain cells inflamed and form plaque which becomes Alzheimer’s. The cause is free radicals.


At our house we’re taking a look at everything that might help keep disease at bay. And aging!


As you can see, I just turned 68!


2 thoughts on “A Tip from tannngl: Turmeric, a great spice!

  1. peppermintfarm

    Wow! You sure look great for 68. I’m going to start eating everything you eat. LOL!
    It’s nice to know we regenerate in our brains. I have turmeric in my spice cabinet. I will now take a pinch every day if I can look like that picture. I have a great recipe to use that spice in and I think I’ll now make it more often.

    Speaking of exercise, yesterday I pruned all the rose bushes, the butterfly shrub that’s turned into a tree, and picked up too numerous to mention piles of dog poop from my shepherd. These are the kinds of exercise I get on a daily basis. There is so much work to do constantly. I got so hot I had to take my coat off. Geesh.

    Ya know another good way to keep one’s weight down is to eat little snack like meals all day long. My brother has done this all his life and he is slim and trim at age 66. Today he still has that Marine like figure he did when he was in the Marines.

    Keep it up tannngl! Always wonderful info you put up. Love these articles.


    1. tannngl Post author

      Thanks, Pepper. So glad you visit this.

      That kind of exercise outside is very good! I have my daily chores too. The horses, the dogs, the cat, take out the trash down the road, laundry, meals, learn more about health from these books I’m reading. hehe

      Had blankets on the horses and it rained all night. 😦 This morning the temps are dropping fast. My flag was on the ground in the snow frozen stiff and the horses’ blankets got soaked and were stiff as a board, frozen. Tuff getting them off. Had to get them off so I could dry them and put them back on. Trouble is all the straps are hard as wood and getting them through the buckles was really hard for a 68 year old! (even though I look good! hehe)

      Now the blankets are drying and I must get them back on as soon as possible. Temps now down to 23-by noon it will be 18 and low tonight is -5 with wind chill of -20. The darn wind makes them colder and also makes them nuts. Hate doing anything with them in the wind. It’s like the wild wild west! Say a prayer that they’ll let me put them back on!

      That turmeric can be used on salads, meat, soups. Just a pinch once or twice a day. Sounds like an amazing spice. It’s eaten a lot in India and the rate of Alzheimer’s Disease there is very minimal, unlike the US!

      Thanks again, Pepper!



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