The higher blood sugar goes and remains, the more shrinkage you have in your brain or, do all treatments of brain and heart disorders have to be profit driven?

So how do we slow or stop brain disease like Alzheimer’s?

Exercise. This is undeniable, proven and accepted by all physicians.

Low blood sugar. Even mild elevations in blood sugar levels contribute to a huge increase in risk for dementia. And this is true even if you do NOT have diabetes or even pre-diabetes. Patients with Alzheimer’s have high blood sugar…does that tell you anything?

Sufficient fats. Our brains are 70% fat. Those cells need the fat that is carried in our blood. But we need to carry the good fat (the good HDL and the good LDL-that’s right! There are different molecules that make up each.)

I’m still reading this book: Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD.

Also reading The Great Cholesterol Myth-Why Lowering Your cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease by Jonny Bowden, PhD, C.N.S. and Stephen Sinatra, MD, F.A.C.C.

Their anatomy and physiology are right on. And they are both saying the same things.

Their summaries of the most recent as well as the less recent scientific studies on heart health and brain health (as I read and look them up) are factual.

We all eat too many carbs, particularly the simple kind like sugar, flour. It looks like we should totally cut out these carbs. Well, Maybe a little on Christmas.

We have tried to cut way back on fats in our diets when before 1900 fat was a staple of the diet and the brain diseases and heart diseases were pretty much unheard of. Sure, more disease occurs as we age and we are living longer. But there is really something in what these scientists say. We may be causing disease by the changes science has told us to make in our diets!

And if we follow the money…always follow where the profits are made..the huge industry is the statin industry and other drugs that are supposed to treat our diseases. Well, drugs are not always the answer. Sometimes it’s simpler to look back in our history to see what has changed in our lives since the lives of our great grandparents.

As an old RN, I can look back and see these things. We need to begin to think for ourselves. Become educated. You are responsible for your own body and health.

You may disagree with these scientists and doctors. That would be fine. But READ! Learn about these things yourself! Talk to your doctor and challenge him/her with what you learn. They are not gods.bth_angry-baby-fist-300x241

Become your own advocate!


6 thoughts on “The higher blood sugar goes and remains, the more shrinkage you have in your brain or, do all treatments of brain and heart disorders have to be profit driven?

  1. peppermintfarm

    Great article tannngl,

    I think about how my paternal grand parents ate and they did not have Alzheimer, no heart disease, and they ate lots of good fats. They were not diabetics either. They were both sharp and alert throughout their 80s. They both walked a lot too. Cars were not as prevalent back in those days. Their weight was a reasonable one too.

    Now my maternal grandmother ate tons of sweets and she was a diabetic. I imagine she also ate tons of carbs too. This has changed my way of thinking on how to eat.

    Keep putting out your amazing articles about this subject. I love these articles.


    1. tannngl Post author

      Thanks for your loyal reading of this blog, Pepper. I do appreciate it. You’re right about the sugar. It causes inflamation by glycating cells which starts disease at the cellular level. The physiology is so interesting and newish to me. so as I’ve been saying for decades, sugar is poison. It truly is.

      Thanks for your encouragement, Pepper! Be well!


      1. peppermintfarm

        You are quite welcome friend. The Hawk did nothing but eat sugar all day long. Didn’t gain an ounce eating it either.


  2. peppermintfarm

    Oh, and tannngl, I do agree about doctors. They seem to know less on how a person should eat than anyone I know. They don’t even ask what you eat. They just give out the pills without thinking it seems. I also agree they are not gods.


    1. tannngl Post author

      I think medical doctors are great. But we have to remember that they are consultants to us. WE make the decisions because it is OUR body.
      And many do just pull out the old script pad when we see them. That’s another ‘follow the money thing’. Those drug salesmen and women really entice our docs to prescribe their drugs and they give them loads of samples to get us started!
      Research on our own is very important. We must understand what we are taking, what our disease is. And how to stay healthy!


      1. peppermintfarm

        I tell them to ship off over a lot of tests. I get sick of them always wanting this test or that one.


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