Easy New Year Resolutions

Always failing at your resolves?

Choose small, well-defined resolution. And just one. Then chart your course. Put it in all your lists of things to do. Keep a record of the daily completion of your resolution until it becomes habit.

Daily prayer in the mornings.
Walk 15 minutes each day.
20 minute resistance training each day.

Well, I have 3. Will start tomorrow…bth_garfield-f12-20-1


8 thoughts on “Easy New Year Resolutions

  1. Mrs. AL

    Good one, tannngl. I don’t make resolutions. Learned long ago in a land far away that I didn’t need the ‘stress’ (I take these type of things seriously for some reason). Just your garden variety odd ball here. And speaking of gardens …


    1. tannngl Post author

      Actually, I have habituated all 3 of those resolutions several months back. 😀

      Funny but I’ve never been able to stick to resolutions. But when something happens-a tough time- I frequently can change my life a little.



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