Recipe Blogs for low carbohydrate and gluten free cooking

From time to time I’ll post sites that have given me great recipes for our new life!

Here’s one:



7 thoughts on “Recipe Blogs for low carbohydrate and gluten free cooking

  1. Mrs. AL

    Well nuts (oops, not low carb are they) … I signed up to get your new posts via email and I haven’t gotten any of them. I smell a chocolate cake!

    I will be back to review all your posts right after New Years!!

    And Happy New Year … the Lord is kind to us.


    1. tannngl Post author

      Aw, Mrs. Al, the internet elves are at it again! They are so pesky! (Always blame everything we can’t technically figure out on the elves!)

      Thank you! Appreciate your support!

      And Happy New Year to you too!
      The Lord is so kind to us. I so agree. God’s Everlovingtenderkindness.✞


  2. peppermintfarm

    Thank you tannngl for the low carb site. I so love carbs, but have to limit myself so I’m sure that site will help me. Doggone it!

    Happy New Years and God bless you and yours. If we reach out to Him, He will help us with everything. I pray every night for His help especially to keep me strong right now.


    1. tannngl Post author

      I pray for your strength too, Pepper. Widows are special to the Lord. Look up the word ‘widow’ in concordance of your Bible. Widows are under God’s special protection and he vows judgment on any who would harm a widow. You’re special to our Lord, Pepper.

      I’ll try to include more low carb recipes. It really has been a help to us to have good foods so we avoid the sugar and the gluten.

      This is going to be a great year.


      1. peppermintfarm

        Thank you for your very kind words, tannngl. I pray to our Lord every night to give me strength and help me with all the bills I owe for Ron. That’s going to be a rough one.


      2. peppermintfarm

        Just pray unless you have a pile of money sitting around to help pay these bills. LOL!
        I got a letter yesterday from the hospital (this is a separate bill from an outpatient Doppler Ron had done on Oct 3, telling me if I didn’t pay it they would turn me over to a collections agency. All that for a lousy $36. What are they going to do sue me over that little bit. I told the woman who called me twice about this bill I was working with the Patient Assistant woman over these bills who wants me to apply for a Medicaid skip card. But, I can’t do it until I get the hospital bill from Oct. 11th to the 25th when Ron was in for the cancer. But Medicare has still not paid its’ part on the bill. Until they do, I don’t even know what I’ll owe. Then I can apply for the Medicaid skip card but I have to pay the first $1300 myself. At that point I can call all the medical billing from docs, labs, pathology, and the like and hopefully work out a payment schedule because I don’t have $1300 lying around anywhere. I told the hospital business dept woman “you can’t get blood out of a turnip”. The woman was so young she had no idea what I was saying. That was hilarious.


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