A word about tech stuff: Just Do It! (if you can)

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Husband and I have been trying out several kinds of arm bands that count your steps and provide numerous other options in feedback information.

We had tried the clip-on pedometers but there were many problems with them, even the pricey ones. Arm bands and the Withings Pulse seem to avoid those problems for us.

We particularly like the ones that give you the amount of sleep and the amount of REM sleep or deep sleep during your night. (We both are having trouble sleeping and sleep is necessary for good health).

Other data you can get includes the amount of calories you expended during your day’s activities, the amount of miles you walked, longest time idle, longest time active and with graphs you can see when your active times and your idle times hit. Also, many of the apps have a great food data base so you can keep track of your food and beverages, calories, carbs, fats, proteins and minerals. And these apps from different companies can frequently sync with your app for your band, scales etc.!

We have spent some $$ trying out these bands. Each time we think we have THE band, we see a new one and the reviews make us want it! Right now we both have the WIthings Pulse and just began to use it on Friday. Here’s my message from WIthings this morning (I tweeted it):

“I did it! I unlocked the Nice day badge with @Withings! #TakeYourPulse http://within.gs/map/en/81r/t 

My steps yesterday were 7800. Withings thought I had a Nice day. I thought I had an active day! LOL Well, the bands have helped us increase our movement. I know I sit too much and so does husband at his job.

He might still prefer the Jawbone band. Both track your sleep in addition to your steps and the aps for your smart phone or iPad are very good with all the information you need in graphs, daily stats and information to help motivate.

BTW, we have also gotten the WIthings scale for Christmas. It weighs you, and sends the data to your smart phone and plugs the day’s weight into a graph. Nice.

Also bought the Withings blood pressure cuff for husband. He has hypertension and is on meds for it. Since starting the new life style and increased activity, his blood pressure is much more under control. I’m waiting for it to be a little under normal for a few days to a week to take him off the med. This blood pressure cuff lets him take his owm blood pressure (actually the smart phone takes the blood pressure.) Then it plots the pressure in the graph and puts the stats in the day’s information. It will send the report to your doctor if you want.

There is so much help out there today for your health. You should take advantage of everything that you can, if you can afford it. Your body is more important than your car (some people worry more about their car! and pay more for its care!).

Although Nike and several other companies have arm bands here are some of what we tried:

Jawbone Band and app for your smart phone.

It keeps tract of sleep and steps and food if you like.



And the WIthings products we have now:

Withings Scales

The scale handles up to 8 different people.



Withings Pulse for steps/activity

This clips to your bra, belt or pocket and it STAYS ON and does NOT fall off!!!

It keeps track of your sleep as well and your steps.

It links with ‘My Fitness Pal’ so my food intake is part of the data base of Withings Pulse.




Withings Blood Pressure cuff which attaches to your smart phone


Withings BP cuff

Nike also has a band. 


I am not recommending any products.

I just want anyone who is taking their health seriously to take a look at the aids available to monitor and improve their health!




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