We had good news yesterday!

The big reason husband started this course in his life for better health was the eye surgery he had to undergo.

His blood sugar and weight were both high before the surgery. With wisdom he considered his health, his eyesight, the outcome of this surgery in cutting sugar and gluten from his diet. The result:  his blood sugar dropped to low normals and his weight has been coming down with consistency even through this holiday season. He has lost 14 pounds to date.

He had the cataract emulsion surgery with intra-operative lens implant on his left eye, the worst one November 26th. He did well with that one and the left eye was done on December 3rd.

He began to see flashing in his right eye which can be a sign of impending retinal detachment. He then saw some flashing in his left eye as well. (I used to manage our operating room and I know the 6-7 hour surgeries that it takes when retinal detachment repair is done. Serious stuff.)

His appointment with the retina specialist was yesterday. He has had complete healing and resultant fantastic vision; the flashes of light have persisted in both eyes, though a little less. His exam by the specialist yesterday ended with:
“Merry Christmas, I don’t want to see you again! Your eyes are fine!”

(His eyes were so near-sighted that the eye balls were so terribly oblong that this was a possible problem for him from the beginning. He had been OK’d by the retina specialist for the surgery preop.)

The news was wonderful!!! I know the great results were not just attributable to his weight loss and lowered blood sugar. But, I also know they did not contribute to any complications of this normally uncomplicated surgery.

Praise the Lord!!!!


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