Just a word or two about the header picture…

That picture is one of a few I took of the Dan River in Israel.  The Dan River originates at the base of Mount Hermon in the Golan Heights and runs through Dan (the territory of the Tribe of Dan) and into the Jordan River.

The area of this river is beautiful, tranquil. It’s the Old Dan Trail. It spoke to me of the peace and joy of our Lord. He, too, is beautiful.






In the same area of Northern Israel is Tel Dan. The Mound of Dan. Dan was the city the tribe of Dan won from the Canaanites as they took over the land God told them to take. This is one of the northern most areas of Israel, on the border with Syria.

The temple in Dan was built by King Jeroboam 1 who seceded from Israel. To keep his citizens from traveling to the Temple in Jerusalem, Jeroboam built 2 temples for their worship: one in Dan-at the northern border and one in Bethel-at the southern border. These temples were ‘high places’ where the people strayed from the one true God.


And this is a 3800 year old gate in the same area. Abraham likely used this gate!


It’s so old and fragile, they had built a roof over it to protect it from the elements.

My trip to Israel was my pilgrim trip of my lifetime. I walked where Jesus walked. Saw the places God performed great deeds for his people (for us too!), was baptized in the Jordan River and met many of the Jewish people who live in this country, the gifted people who hold good works for others in very high esteem. (I fell into the street in Jerusalem and with my fellow travelers all around me, the person who came to my aid was a Jewish man who ran across the street to help me up and get me out of the street.)

I went alone right after I buried my dad, brought my mom to my home, cleaned out her house and sold it for her. She and my husband thought I deserved this trip. Alone of course. So I went. For 2 weeks. Alone.

I found I was never really alone when I was surrounded by God’s people. Even when totally alone at Megiddo, God was with me.


God is so good. And I learned a lot spiritually from this trip as well as the history.

Thanks for letting me share a little of this trip with you.

And now you know why I chose that picture for the header on this blog. It gives me joy to see it each day!


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