Are you an addict?

Carbohydrate addict, that is.

There has been real medical and scientific study on brain cell receptors for simple carbohydrates. When these receptors are blocked as we do for narcotic addicts using drugs called antagonists, there is no ‘high’ from the simple carbohydrate and the craving goes away.

I found some information on these studies on-line:  On this one, go all the way to the bottom of the page to ‘carbohydrate’.

It seems that eating simple sugar, simple carbohydrates, creates a high or pleasure in the brain. As with any addiction, when that pleasure or high wears off, the body craves more of that substance.

Voila! Carbohydrate addiction.

I started researching this when I couldn’t seem to stop eating the last few years.

And the foods I craved were simple carbs: chips, candy, ice cream, home-made bread, popcorn, cereal…

The foods that would NOT do: any proteins like meat, any fat such as cheese, eggs.

The one great thing about our low carb, gluten-free diet is that after the first couple of days we had no further carb cravings. Even after eating a little of the devil carbs on Thanksgiving, the craving did not return!

Husband tells everyone that he is never hungry on this new life plan.

It truly works. (We don’t call it a diet. It is our new life.)



2 thoughts on “Are you an addict?

  1. cosmoscon

    I agree with this 100%. I was one of these people who were addicted to Carbs but after a week of no carbs at all and now almost 4 months on a very low carb diet (around 25-50g per day) I can say I don’t have the cravings. And I cheated a little on Thanksgiving too!


    1. tannngl Post author

      That confirms it! You can have a ‘treat’ once in a while! And you won’t go back to the addictive behavior. I remember Samson in the Bible grabbing some honey once! And he stayed healthy until he joined up with that evil woman.

      Thanks for reading and visiting, Cosmoscon. You can see why I was so excited for your revelation and success!!



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