Want some JOY?

“But when the Holy Spirit controls our lives, he will produce this kind of fruit in us: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Here there is no conflict with the law.”

(Galatians 5:22–23 NLT)

Read chapter 5 of Galatians.

God’s Spirit lives in us if we are His followers.

And when He lives in us, HE exhibits this fruit from within us.

By the way, how many fruit are there? Quick! Without looking? 9?

That would not be correct.

There is only 1. This fruit is one unit. (The Greek word for ‘fruit’ here is ‘karpos’, a noun that is singular for fruit.) And the basis of all parts of this fruit is love. If you have God’s love in you, you have the rest of His fruit.

We only need to develop it.

Read the parts of this fruit again.

Which ones do you need to develop? Do you have true joy?

Pray and ask the Lord God each morning for this fruit. He will develop it within you. And start with Love.




With God’s love, you will then be able to develop the joy and the rest of that fruit.





Then! the world will know that you are HIS!


But don’t eat too many apples. Too many carbs.




8 thoughts on “Want some JOY?

  1. peppermintfarm

    I so love this piece. I feel like the Holy Spirit is living within me tannngl and giving me all that I need to get through all the things I’m experiencing right now. Plus I can still give to others, at least as far as support and comfort to those who need it. I feel great joy over this, but it is the Holy Spirit working within me.


  2. tannngl Post author

    Beautifully said, Pepper. You truly exhibit that Fruit. And I know He will keep providing for you as the path is difficult when you feel alone. You are not though.


    1. peppermintfarm

      tannngl, it’s funny but I never feel alone right now. I know Jesus is by my side helping me. And I’m so busy too. Today I tried to go to the hardware store to get some weatherization materials. I ran the Jeep to get it warmed up. My brother told me to run it during cold weather even if I don’t go anywhere. Well, I couldn’t get the clutch engaged for the life of me. So that trip never happened and I don’t know what to do now about that. Ron told me one time I’d have too much trouble getting the clutch down. Well I was doing just fine before this icy cold weather.


      1. tannngl Post author

        One big thing when your partner leaves you by yourself, the biggest thing is the aloneness. And how busy you have to be to just accomplish everything the 2 of you used to do. (God really knew what he was doing when he brought marriage to his creation).

        You have many to help. Question? Call someone. I know they would be happy to help. And I’m so happy you don’t feel alone!!!!! That is a real gift!!!! God is so good. I praise Him for the way he is caring for you, Pepper.


      2. peppermintfarm

        tannngl, you sure got that right about doing everything yourself. I was alone prior to Hawk for 18 years and I did everything myself believe it or not. That’s why it’s seemed easy to actually slip back into my former singleness. I was married to Ron for 6 years, but that’s not as long as the 18 years I was alone and on my own. Am I making any sense? It’s past my bedtime and I’m beginning to wonder if I am. LOL!


      3. tannngl Post author

        Of course you’re making sense. No one understands this unless they have been through it. I have not. But my daughter has and I was very close. It was very hard to watch her…even with my help.


      4. peppermintfarm

        I’m not as young as I was those 18 years and it’s harder for me to do some things. Last night I found a little bit of window plastic and the window in my study where I am right now, has a AC unit in it. Cold air was coming through it like crazy. You should see the cockeyed way I got that plastic on. I was standing on the bed reaching and that was like being on a trampoline. Yikes! I need to drag the big ladder out of the mudroom, but Ron has so much piled up in front of it, it’s going to take quiet an effort to get it out.

        Now of all things my furnace stopped working and it’s now 62 degrees in here. I’m freezing at that temp. I called my landlord to let him know but of course he can’t get anyone on Sunday. Oh, this is going to be a bad day at the OK corral. Or maybe the not so OK corral.


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