It all comes together…this was a bit of a miracle!


For years I’ve watched my husband gain weight. I know the problem he has:  carbohydrate addiction or sugar addiction.

He loves those vanilla sandwich cookies with the cream vanilla filling and can eat loads in an afternoon. Matter of fact, that’s what he does at work. (Yeah, he works. We couldn’t afford to retire so he went back to work). And the girls in the office all bring in sweets, doughnuts, other cookies and they order out for lunch: pizza, other fast foods.

He also loves Dad’s Root Beer. It’s nostalgia, you know? So when he finds it he buys cases keeping his supply ample.

For dinner I  cook meat,  poultry or seafood and a low carb veg. Sometimes I’ll make waffles and low carb sauce with chicken. Occasionally, we’ll have sugar-free gelatin with home-made whipped cream (no carbs). The waffles are low carb too. (special recipe-I’ll try to remember to include some of these recipes in this blog).  That’s the only time he eats well. He buys chips, crackers and eats them when he watches TV.  There’s cold sugar-filled cereal every morning with milk. And he eats those cookies at work and drinks that Dad’s root beer frequently.


I’ve tried to tell him he is at risk for Type 2 diabetes. He becomes miffed and tells me he doesn’t like to be told what to do.


He was scheduling his cataract surgery several weeks ago.

He had to get a physical from our MD and an EKG.

I tried one more time with prayer.

“You were pre-diabetic last year when you had your check up and blood tests. You know, if you  have a higher than normal blood sugar your eyes will not heal as well and are more prone to postop infection.”

When I mentioned the problems with surgery and high blood sugar, he seemed concerned and said he would try the new meal plan. So I got out my glucometer, test strips and lancets. I explained the foods that he could try to make sure his weight and blood sugar went down.

He agreed!!!!!!

So, the work began.

I had started reading Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD a week before. He advocates low carb AND gluten free due to gluten sensitivity many of us do not know about. So we went low carb and gluten free.

I started cooking him breakfast each morning. scrambled eggs, sausage, the low carb gluten-free cold cereal that I make…

We planned what he could eat at work. There are Atkins meals in the freezer chest which he takes to work or takes left overs from dinner the night before. He always has snacks so he can fight the temptation to eat those devil cookies! It has worked! Snacks included celery with natural peanut butter (NO sugar, no nothing, just peanuts), cut up cauliflower, broccoli, radishes and a bowl of my home-made dressing (NO CARBS!), black olives, almonds and other low carb nuts.

After he started his new eating plan, we tested his blood sugar. After dinner it was 98! Normals fasting are around 70-100. After meals it is a little higher. His was great! We tested him every few days at different times of the day, fasting and after each meal and it was always  low.

He weighs every morning when he gets out of bed and before the new life style he weighed 214 pounds. After the first 2 weeks and before his first eye surgery, he lost 10 pounds! Yep! Weight was 204 pounds. He felt so good; his clothes began to feel loose. He started to walk on the treadmill. (And Thanksgiving just slowed his weight loss a little.)

Today, husband had his second cataract removed, so those surgeries are done. Everything went great with the first eye last Tuesday and so far this one appears to be going the same.

Our next step is resistance training. Shhh! I haven’t told  him yet. 



Remind me to tell you about his blood pressure!!!!


Husband is amazed. His appetite is always satisfied. He says this meal plan is pretty easy.


He’s reading food labels now!!!!!!


6 thoughts on “It all comes together…this was a bit of a miracle!

  1. peppermintfarm

    LOL! Your husband sounded like my first husband. He kept blaming me for his weight gain and I knew I fixed healthy meals every night for dinner. Then I find out he’s eating donuts, candy, and cookies out of the vending machines at work. DUH! And he blames this on me!!!!!!!!!

    We ate sparingly at home, as I fixed one unit of protein, one good veggie, and one carb. Desserts were rare ( couldn’t afford that stuff). Plus I didn’t want all that sugar in my house. My son was very healthy and slim and did not want him to be one of those fat kids who get made fum of. For me, I looked like a stick back then, took Jazzercise building my strength, while gaining muscle. I also had a huge garden I worked in every day and rode my bike on the road in the evenings.

    My Mom’s mother had Type 1 diabetes and later in life my Mom got Type 2. So I was very aware if I did not keep my weight down, I’d end up getting Type 2. To this day I watch everything I put in my mouth. I don’t care for sweets much so that’s not a problem. But I am a carb lover. But, I keep the carbs down all the time.

    Then later after I was in menopause I bought myself weights and worked out with them, the little weight bars, being cheap also. When I had my Corgi, Dakota, we walked 3 miles every night. I try to get Merlin out every day, sometimes several times right now since my husband died I feel exhausted a lot. But when I feel good, I walk him about 3 miles on the farm here and where he can run. I really enjoy the joy on his face. Being a shepherd he needs tons of exercise.

    I’m so glad you were able to get your husband to really take a good look at his eating habits and start to lose weight. It’s such a good feeling when it happens, but takes work.

    I find now that just walking, takes the weight right off of me. If I can’t do a whole 3 miles a day, several times a day with shorter walks works.

    Love this article.


    1. tannngl Post author

      Once again, Pepper, we seem to be very much alike! I was called ‘skinny minnie’ and ‘long tall sally’ when I was a preteen. I was so bony! Bones are very slight/thin. So when I gained that weight, I felt awful. Always feel better thin. Lots of energy and I’m just happier.
      Yes, we are very much alike…

      And thanks so much for reading.
      I know these have been long posts and it’s hard to read lengthy ones but I had so much I wanted to say! LOL


      1. peppermintfarm


        When I was a teen I was bony too. I’m 5’8″ and I’m large boned. The weight I had then really wasn’t good. I don’t look good being bony. You would not call me bony now. Ha,ha. But for many years I was too thin. I feel better too being at a good weight and all that exercise raises the endorphin levels so that makes ya feel better. I almost feel icky if I don’t get my exercise in. I end up feeling like a slug. LOL! Exercising makes me feel more alive and in a good mood.

        Sometimes I’d come home from work and feel so tired and brain dead. All I had to do was see my Dakota and my mood turned good and then we walked. I felt like all the stress of the day had fallen away.

        The articles are long but so interesting I don’t mind reading through them. I always like these kinds of articles that give you good tips on your health.

        Yeah, we are both alike when it comes to all of this.


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